Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm back!!!!

I know, I know...I've been off the blog 'grid' for a while now... I've been busy hosting classes at work and home.... prepping for a Christmas Craft sale at work early December, while also managing life's up's & down's. I have sooo much to share with you I may have to do it over a few posts.

Firstly... I thought I'd 'pimp' my last Holiday Hoopla class I'm hosting on Friday December 3rd (see below)

When? Friday December 3rd
Where? My house in Kanata - email me for details
What time? Anytime after 6pm
What to bring? Adhesive of your choice
What I will provide? a night of stamping fun, great draw prizes, christmas music, a treat for everyone and lots of Christmas snacks

**Reserve your seats now - only 4 left**

Secondly... I've successfully put up my main tree in my house. I know, I know it's early but I had a friend come over with her sister and take some family holiday photos. How did it go? Well... have you tried to get a 2yr old to sit still for photos... was ok...but I also had low expectations.... I'm happy with the outcome. Next year will be better right? 3yrs olds are easier?? Check out the SU! Holiday Advent Calendar - cool little take-out boxes :) full of goodies. Can't wait till Dec 1st...

Ok.. back to some card-making. I was going posts some photos of my creations the other night but my new camera battery decided to die on me after 2 photos. I think I'm going to have to make myself a light box seems I'm not liking the orange tinge to my photos...


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple but Chic!

So I was out last night meeting with other SU! demos doing a shoebox swap. The aim of the night is to make 10 demo cards so you can use them in your card-making classes. In return you have to create a demo card that can be put together within 5mins or less - duplicate 10 times and bring to the event for 10 demos to create your card. Anyway... this is my simple but chic card I made.

I love, love, love how simple it is to create this bunched ribbon look.... it's sooo easy... and you don't even need to use a needle & thread. Did I tell you I was terrible in home ec when I was at school. I barely sew a button on a shirt... I'd rather throw away the shirt and buy a new one ;P

This is another card I made the other night.... again.. simple...good for a beginner papercrafter.

Anyway...I've gotta hit the craft table... I finally published my lunch-time classes at now I have to create more samples for my classes.


Monday, September 13, 2010

More cards I've been working on...

As promised... here is some more cards I've made over the last few weekends... These 2 are similar to ones I've done on my blog..just slightly 'tweaked'. I decided on the weekend that some of my favourite creations I've always managed to give them away as b-day cards to friends & family. So my samples in the last 6mths have not changed. So.. I CASED my own cards and improved them slightly ;} Whatta think?

On this card I added the new texture plate on the main cardstock (Marina mist) plus I used my new spritzer tool ...I love it!!!!

This one is similar to the card I gave my mum back in June... slightly different..

Do you like my new punch? It's not really a new one...just one that's been 'edited' I like how it works/mattes with the slot punch..

Gotta go now... I'm still tired from last nights late night... ciao!


Slight change in my blog...

If your reading this from google reader you won't see the change... but if your checking out my blog...don't worry... I'm playing with templates/backgrounds. I went on my blog a few times tonight and noticed the background was all weird... anyway.. seems I couldn't sleep tonight I decided to check out why my blog was all messy-looking. Anyway... it turns out my 'free' blog template provider Leelou has moved all of her designs to another location. So....I decided to snoop around and try and find a better blog template....I really want a template with my fav colour red! ;) For now this one will do... I wish I could design my own template... I wish I could play all day in adobe ;) I really need to take a course or something. Maybe I'll look that up for the fall classes.... I may also need to do a course in using my new camera. My hubby may suggest I RTFM :) in other the pdf/manual on how to operate it... nah!!! ppfttt!!!

Anyway... I made some more progress this weekend on some more cards... I still have to take good photos of them before I can post... I managed to churn out another 3 on Saturday night... I was very impressed with myself. I've been finding lately that I'm getting a little overwhelmed with all the products and styles of card-making out there in the blog world that I forget to use my taste/design. So.. on Saturday I managed to leave my ITouch (I use my IT to download my fav cards that I might CASE) upstairs and create 3 cards all on my way/style. I'm so excited to show you. I haven't quite decided which one is going to be used at the upcoming Shoebox swap on Wednesday this week. I'd better make up my mind quick..seems I've got to crop for 10 people.Ekkkk!!

Urgh!! I suppose I'd better hit the hay...seems it's work tomorrow.

Sorry there's no photo :( I'm too tired to even try and find one to post ;}


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some sparkle...

Here's one of those crazy cards I was up late creating on Friday night... I was so happy with this card I made another one but changed it slightly with an embossing plate...I'll show you that in the next day or so.. Anyway.. I originally created this card for my sister-in-laws birthday which was on Monday. I didn't have Marina Mist in an I used the marker and versamark and clear embossing a little bit of Tempting Turquoise ink.. I love how it turned out ;) don't you!!

This card will be in my Sept class.....check out the dates below.

See the sparkle...

Gotta go... and place my SU! order..


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Thatcher!

So I've been busy this past weekend making & total I made 6 cards.. I was on a crafty roll ;}

Firstly I made this card for my daughters little buddy Thatcher who was turning 3!... After I made it... I wondered whether I had already done the exact card for him the year before...did I Shan? I don't have many little boy I kept it simple & bright. PLus... it's so nice to go back to the basics and just doodle/colour with my Stampin Up Markers!!

I still have spots open on my classes... contact me if you want some fun!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sneak Peak! of my crazy class creations

I just wanted to do a quick post...seems I've been creating tonight ;} I worked on 2 cards that we will be making in my card classes. Not alot of stamping... I wanted to go pretty ;}

The photos aren't the best.. I didn't have time to set-up the lighting.

Let me know what you think...

I still have spots contact me if you want to get together and create & craft ;}

Summer Catty Cards - Come create 4 cards (2 Birthday, 1 Friend & 1 Christmas Card) - Cost $15
Friday Sept 24th (6-9pm)
Sunday Sept 26th (4-7pm)

Holiday Hoopla - Come create 5 sparkly cards for the holiday season - $20
Friday Oct 22nd (6-9pm)
Sunday Oct 24th (4-7pm)

Open Night - Come use my stamps & ink and create your own cards/designs - $10 (please bring your own tape)
Friday Oct 29th (6-9pm)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Classes Coming Soon...sign up now!

So I've been busy at home & work these last 2 weeks.... I've been sooo tired to the point where I haven't even sat at my craft table :(. So... to force myself to get my 'mojo' and 'creativity' flowing I figured I would post dates of upcoming card classes I plan to prepare for in the next month or two!

Summer Catty Cards - Come create 4 cards (2 Birthday, 1 Friend & 1 Christmas Card) - Cost $15
Friday Sept 24th (6-9pm)
Sunday Sept 26th (4-7pm)

Holiday Hoopla - Come create 5 sparkly cards for the holiday season - $20
Friday Oct 22nd (6-9pm)
Sunday Oct 24th (4-7pm)

Open Night - Come use my stamps & ink and create your own cards/designs - $10 (please bring your own tape)
Friday Oct 29th (6-9pm)
Interested? email me and I'll reserve a spot for you at my table.

Here's a sneak peak of the new stamp sets I purchased from SU! when the new catty came out.... I'm still playing...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beautiful Birthday for Bella

So.... here is the other card I made for my little neice Isabella... I contacted my s-i-l Jess and she confirmed the theme for Bellas 1st Birthday. She even sent me a sample of Bella's invitation. Here's what I came up with... I used ALOT of glitter...hopefully it arrived in the UK without being too destroyed.

The inside..


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back from my Va-ca...or as the brits say.. holidays.

So... I'm back from my girls "Va-ca" in California. Wow! It was a blast....and it felt good to have some "me" time. I must say I'm a little pooped...seems I crammed alot of things to see & do while I was there...but also came down the cold my hubby & little gal had :( Thankfully I had good roomies (M&J) who smartly packed ear-plugs ;).... I swear!!! I normally don't snore... but because of my cold I sounded like a fog-horn!!! Urgh! yucky! my voice is still croaky...but the yuckiness/mess has now gone. Here's a photo of me in my wedding attire...feeling very chilled like a Californian.

Anyway... seems I'm back from the California wedding of my 2 friends Iggy & Roe... I can share with you the card I created for their wedding. It was themed on Roe's beautiful design of chocolate chip brown and crushed curry yellow (now retired). What do you think? The couple were very impressed when I told them I punched every little hole in the cardstock :)

Shiney & fluffy... thanks to Stampin Up's Crystal effects & paper fluff.

Here's a photo I took of the happy couple... I was told I knocked a few people out of the way to get it.... hehehe... Thanks J!

More to come tomorrow... my nieces card I made for her 1st birthday.!!! awww.!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sharing my Swaps

Just a quickie seems I've got to hit the 'hay''s been a long day... both hubby & Eryn are sick :{ So I was the only one at work today. Thankfully my hubby prepped dinner so it was a easy night once I got home. Then I stayed up late to watch the Semi final world cup footie game... Incase I spoil it for some of you... I'll just say... the team I wanted to win... won! yeah!

Anyway... back to my quick post. Here's another photo or two of one of the swaps I rec'd a few weeks back. I never thought I'd like the new DSP paper but it's starting to grow on me. As you can probably tell.. I was drawn to the sparkle of the card. It was misted with the shimmer paint. I love love love this shimmer paint.....!!! You will now see it in the new catty.. Contact me for a copy of the new catty.

Swap made by Jacynthe Gauthier

Gotta go to bed now... Ciao!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today is the new cattys 'go live' day!! Check out the links on the sidebar. thinks today my cc will do some damage! :} I did decide instead of going crazy I would tag up my catty and only allow myself 5-10 things.. Wow! is it hard... I normally just focus on the accessories..but this year I'm drawn to the stamps too. So... what's my plan of action? I'm going to try and order a new Christmas stamp set plus a new Birthday one, plus new paper and maybe some more bling!! Hopefully it'll be something refreshing for my card class I'm preparing for in Sept. Wanna attend... contact me.

Anyway... check out this page that was given to me in the swap from last weekend!! Very appropriate seems it's Canada Day!

Sorry for the yellow tinge in the photo... the battery on my camera was dying at the time :{


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Fav Swap card from this weekend!

So.. as mentioned in my other post I attended a SU! event last weekend...and I managed to partipate in 2 swaps... The first one was a card swap and the other a 12x12 scrapbook page swap. Below is my Fav Card swap of the day!! Made by my close friend/sister Jo-Ann... isn't it wonderful... she's such a gem!

Isn't it cute!!!! now I want this stamp set... dammit!!!

Here's a silly photo of Jo-Ann, Lisa & myself on the way home...slurping back on a nice big ice cream!!! Yummy!! I can honestly say the company was the best, we giggled alot!! and I think we will be 'roadtrip mates' for a longtime to come. When's the next trip?

Anyway.. gotta go... very tired... this single parent thing for the week whilst working fulltime is hard!!!! My hat off to you lovely ladies in the world who do this fulltime.


Monday, June 28, 2010

I wish, I wish...

I wish.. I wish I had more time to craft these days.... I went back to work fulltime over 2 weeks ago (since my last post) and I have been sooo exhausted after work seems I'm trying to get myself, hubby & little Eryn off to daycare in the, work...then pick up everyone... home for dinner.. babe goes to bed.. then phew! Tired!!! Plus last week I was prepping to attend a stamping retreat over at Kim's house. Wow!oh! Wow! I had a blast at the all day event....learning 24 new techniques.. maybe I'll try a few out with you. I decided to enter for 2 swaps.... a 12x12 page swap and a card swap. My 12x12 page was easy seems I made the 'Summer fun' page below.... everyone seemed really happy to receive it. I then joined a card swap...but silly me left the design and making till the last night....and guess what happened?? My heat emboss gun died on me :{ half way thru my cards... this was BAD!!! seems my entire card was mainly embossing. Argghhh!!! anyway... I'm a trooper.. I managed to prep everything...and during my lunch break I decided to borrow a gun and finish them off. Thankfully I had a little bunch of elves at the end helping me (Thanks Jo-Ann, Cate & Lisa)...Phew! again... done... and again... everyone seem to ohhh! over my design.. yeah!!!

I suppose this could be a wedding invite eh? very swish!!

Anyway.. just thought I'd show you some photos over the next day or so of the swaps and ideas I picked up at the event.

Hope all is well with you!!!

PS: The new SU! catty goes LIVE on Canada Day - July 1st... contact me if you want a catty. I will be hosting a card party in September.. so watch this space!