Monday, September 13, 2010

Slight change in my blog...

If your reading this from google reader you won't see the change... but if your checking out my blog...don't worry... I'm playing with templates/backgrounds. I went on my blog a few times tonight and noticed the background was all weird... anyway.. seems I couldn't sleep tonight I decided to check out why my blog was all messy-looking. Anyway... it turns out my 'free' blog template provider Leelou has moved all of her designs to another location. So....I decided to snoop around and try and find a better blog template....I really want a template with my fav colour red! ;) For now this one will do... I wish I could design my own template... I wish I could play all day in adobe ;) I really need to take a course or something. Maybe I'll look that up for the fall classes.... I may also need to do a course in using my new camera. My hubby may suggest I RTFM :) in other the pdf/manual on how to operate it... nah!!! ppfttt!!!

Anyway... I made some more progress this weekend on some more cards... I still have to take good photos of them before I can post... I managed to churn out another 3 on Saturday night... I was very impressed with myself. I've been finding lately that I'm getting a little overwhelmed with all the products and styles of card-making out there in the blog world that I forget to use my taste/design. So.. on Saturday I managed to leave my ITouch (I use my IT to download my fav cards that I might CASE) upstairs and create 3 cards all on my way/style. I'm so excited to show you. I haven't quite decided which one is going to be used at the upcoming Shoebox swap on Wednesday this week. I'd better make up my mind quick..seems I've got to crop for 10 people.Ekkkk!!

Urgh!! I suppose I'd better hit the hay...seems it's work tomorrow.

Sorry there's no photo :( I'm too tired to even try and find one to post ;}


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