Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Hoopla Class Updates

Email me now for a spot - Make any 3 cards or more of your choice..... take your time and enjoy the night away from the hubby, kids & christmas madness!! Why not bring a friend!

Friday Nov 25th - 6pm
Friday Dec 2nd - 6pm
Sunday Dec 4th - 2pm *1 spots left*

Here is some photos of the cards you can make...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trying something new...

Back in mid October it was a close friend of mines birthday (J).... I figured I would try out the popular paper rosettes technique....

Check it out...


Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday Hoopla Classes!! & BOGO!!

So I've been working on some cards for my Holiday Hoopla Classes... but as usual I keep thinking.. Oh! I should CASE this one... and then oh! I better do one more incase someone doesn't like that one. Anyway.. I could go on and on and never post anything :)... So! I think I've made around 17 sample cards... ek!!! Can you believe I did this with a 3yr old and a 11wk old ;)

See below for info... please contact me to sign up and pay in advance for the classes that include the stamp set. I will also be doing a BOGO event where I will have some of my old stamps set for sale...if you buy an old stamp set from me.... you can pick something out of the new 2011-12 catty for the same price for free!! (plus s & t).

Something for Christmas Class
Friday October 28th - 6pm *1 spot left*
Sunday October 30th - 2pm
$20 (pre-pay class req'd 7days in advance)
Come make 3 cards of your choice with this wonderful stamp - plus take home the stamp so you can continue the fun!

Pennant Parade Class
Friday Nov 11th - 6pm
Sunday Nov 13th - 2pm
$30 (pre-pay class req'd 7days in advance)
Come make 3 or more cards with this versatile stamp set, Birthday, Baby and Christmas this stamp set can be used for all different family occasions - plus take home the stamp set.

Beginners Holiday Hoopla Class
Friday Nov 25th - 6pm
Make any 3 cards of your choice and learn some of the basic techniques.. take your time and enjoy the night away from the hubby, kids or cat - bring a friend.

Holiday Hoopla Class
Friday Dec 2nd - 6pm
Sunday Dec 4th - 2pm *4spots left*
Been here.... done it before... pop in and stamp away all night, take a pick from my selection of cards.

Sign up now!!! Email me today to book your spots... max 6 spots per class.

Monday, September 26, 2011

No mojo...

Sorry crafting peeps/followers... I've had no mojo the last little while... it's 100% explainable... my brain is fried and in need of quality sleep. Even as I type this I can hear my little guy (10wks old today) rousing from his sleep... So I'll make this quick!!!

I made a card a few weeks back that I CASED from Laurie?.. I tweaked it a little bit so it was more "me".. plus I didn't have the smaller scallop die for the Big Shot so I just 'winged it!' This card was made for my sister in law for her birthday on Sept 6th (labour day weekend here in Canada).

Enjoy! Oh! BTW...I should hopefully post again this week seems my hubby is outta town so the nights are little lonely and I can multi-task between the MAC and the my craft desk and the TV/PVR ;} without complaints that I'm hogging all the 'toys'.

Besides... how could I resist this little guy...


PS: Classes coming soon... I have been working on some cards for Christmas... I can't wait to share the sneak peaks!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sassy Card for someone special..

I made this card in early June after a co-worker of mine lost her teen sister.... it was so sad...and quite sudden. I don't deal with death very well seems I'm quite an emotional gal...but I have had a few people close to me pass away and the one thing I've learnt is that know matter what the age or how they passed away... you should always celebrate their life. When I first moved to Canada 14yrs ago I had to fly back to Ireland to my grandad's funeral/wake... it was a sad day...but after the burial we all went to the pub and cracked jokes & told stories. Afterwards I thought this was a wonderful way to help with the healing process.....definitely the way I want people to remember me. Hopefully my scrapbooks are also a few ways to remember me ;} I've done a few ;P

OK... back to the card. This is my favourite pink - Melon Mambo

All of the products are SU! except for the zebra paper which I picked up at the big box store.

Can you see I 'rock & rolled' the ink on the flower to get the edgy huh!

Ok... off to place my SU! Christmas mini order... I've spent the last few days umm-ing & ahhh-ing and not hitting the submit button. Tonight is the night!!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something new....

Sorry I've been missing in action for a while.... but with the tail end of the pregnancy near and a week in the hospital I can officially say i'm back ;} and I have a new addition to my world. Another guy who makes my heart melt....

This is my little guy Owen... only 6 days old in this photo... chilling beside the pool at his nanny's house while celebrating my 35th birthday. I don't think he will remember it... but I know I will. All I wanted for my birthday was my family around me... my wish came true!!! Big sister Eryn is loving her new brother...she's proud as punch in this photo.

So... I've been busy with my little munchkins these last 2 weeks... but hoping I can start crafting again soon especially since my carpel tunnel has now gone :)

Oh! but I do have a card I created a while back for a friend to post so I'll post that by the weekend. Anyway... gotta run and try and put in my pre-SU! Christmas order in so I have something to play with next week ;} it's going to be hard sticking to a budget.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here's one I did earlier...

So... the countdown is on... I have 2wks left before my little guy arrives!!!! I went to see the High Risk Dr again the other day and he said he won't let me go past 38wks... I'm now 36wks 5days... Whooo!!! Did I tell you i'm not that patient? I'm not... :( I can't wait to meet this little guy... In the meantime... I should probably finish off my house cleaning/carpets & purging I've managed to do over the last few months! Not long now...

OK...Seems today is Canada Day I figured I would post a Thanks! card I made for my aunt/friend Julie in Northern Ireland. You see...since my daughter was born 3yrs ago, my aunt Julie has been sending me her lovely hand-me-downs from her 2 girls K-J & Emma... and unlike 'some' people I know ;) I'm not a snob!! I love hand-me-downs :P So as a token of my appreciation I made Julie a card and then when my mum was visiting the UK the other week i got her to pick me up a Gift Card from NEXT ( her fav shop) to say "Thanks"!!!!

Check out the card.... I 'kinda' CASED it from Kim Werner's blog ages ago! with a slight twist....

Early Expresso & Melon Mambo!!

Don't you just love those liquid pearls!!!

The stamp, cardstock, ribbon and inks are all SU! supplies... contact me if you want to place an order in the new catty that went live today!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

As promised...

As promised... here's a photo of the card I made for my mum's birthday last week. Infact it was a good thing I took a photo seems for some crazy reason my mum no longer has the card. It all started out mum decided to wear slippy sandals on her birthday... partly because it's sooo hot here in Ottawa right now... and partly seems we were meeting up after lunch for a quick afternoon spa/pedicure treatment. Anyway.... before the appt my mum managed to fall out of her Jeep straight to the floor and whacked her tailbone/hand and bit her tongue :( When I met my mum at the appt I couldn't believe she'd injured herself sooo badly on her Birthday. Anyway... to cut a long story short she read my card... and then put it on the spa chair. We managed to leave the hour later... by then my mum realised she'd left the card on the chair... we went back within 2hrs and the card and a pair of earrings inside were gone :( I'm really disappointed that no one was honest enough to hand in the card.... I'm more disappointed my mum didn't get to enjoy the card. Here's the card....

Check back within the week to see 2 other cards I created last night....I'm on a roll!!!! ;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Chance lists are here...

June 1st is when SU! post their future retired items from the 2010-11 catty..... see below for the lists... contact me if want to order anything ASAP! while supplies last...

What's been going on with me? Well... I'm in the last few weeks of my pregnancy... hoping the little guy will be showing up within the next 3-4weeks... even though I technically have 7wks left (40 weeks). The countdown begins...

Being creative? Last night was the first time I've sat at my craft table in a while... I decided to make my mum's birthday card. I'm sure she'll like it... :) I like it. I just hope I remember to take a photo of it so I can post it here in the next little while.
Hmm... Lately all I can manage to do is go to work & sleep... I'm surprised I'm up this late blogging :) I totally promise that by end of July/ August i'll get back to my usual blogging/crafting. It's so hard working full-time and trying to craft at the same time. I thankfully finish work at the end of June...if I last that long ;). I'm already swollen all over and not getting more than 2hrs of sleep at a time. Talking of sleep... I think it's time for me to go to bed...

BTW... here's a picture of something I did at my Spring fling class.... simple, fresh & really easy!!! I did an array of colours/animals.... great cards for kiddies birthdays!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fling! Card Classes Coming Soon!!!

Just a quick note to say I've been working on some cards that will I will be doing classes on in a few weeks. I wanted to do a 6 card class (1 Mothers Day, 1 Fathers Day, 3 Birthday's and 1 Breast Cancer Card). Seems Mothers day in Canada is on May 8th... I will be sneaking in the classes before then ;) If you want to do 2 Mothers day cards instead of the BC card... not a problem.

Anyway... the dates to look forward to are the following...

Friday 29th April or Friday May 6th - after 6pm
Location: My house in Kanata
BYO: Adhesive
Cost $20

Here's a sneak peak into the cards we'll be making...

More to come.... currently working on them seems I have a fair at work this week :) I'll be promoting my classes seems I'm off work in approx 10-13wks once Baby #2 arrives!!! ek!!!!

Oh! and I have to show you my scrapbook pages... I was away at a SU! Creative Retreat last week and I managed to churn out 13 pages in total! I'm so excited to show you....

Email or FB me if your interested!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something scrappy!

So I've quickly taken a few photos of some of the scrapbook pages I've done recently. So far I've managed to churn out around 10 in the last 3 weeks. It helps that a friend of mine has now booked a community centre for us to use all day 1 weekend a month. I'm not sure I can post all my pages seems I've not used solely SU! stuff...

Below is 2 pages I created using the Simply Scrappin Kit from 2009. I've been meaning to try and use them... but I'm sometimes a little silly... I want to 'save' my favourite stuff ;} You know how it is right? I have alot of pretty papers and stickers that my husband teases me he's going to use when I'm not looking. I'm very protective of my scrapping stuff.

Anyway... without long adue! and because Jo asked ;} Here is my photos of my 2 page album. I will take more... and I might even re-take these ones seems the photos don't do the pages any justice. The problem is I take the photos at the end of the I need to take them in daylight to get a better picture.

If you live locally... contact me and I tell you more about the local hall set-up. The more ladies the merrier... we're trying to start a movement ;} plus commit to scrapping once a month. I know it gets my mojo going..saying that I've not done a thing for 5 days... I've been struggling with constant hunger/sickness!!! Tonight I think I'm going to surf the web looking for ideas & inspiration...

BTW... check out my friend Jenny from Chelsea's new blog...Yum!Yum!

Bye for now..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ok... so maybe I wasn't back..

So... as usual life took over at the end of last year... I was working on "me"... I know this may seem weird to some people but I have trouble in putting myself first. After some good therapy! ;} I finally starting asking myself why I do the things I do.. I've been a people pleaser since I can remember. So... with my changes with me... I managed to upset/disappoint a few people in my life. I suppose gaining a backbone means I have to test it right? October, November and December was pretty tough for a little liberating for not being such a walk over. Thankfully I have a great hubby who supports me in finding the real me. Don't get me wrong...I wavered..but in the end I know I need to start putting myself first.

Anyway... enough about that mushy stuff ;} What else have I been upto? Well...after my Christmas card making classes in December I packed up all my stamps so I can spend a little time on my #1 passion - scrapbooking! So far I've managed to whip together 3-4pages :) I'm extremely happy. I might post 1or2 on this blog sometime this week. I design my pages around the photos so I don't always use all SU! stuff. Before I started SU! I had a extensive collection of stickers/papers so I'm slowly using some of that on my daughters album. Can't wait to post some more photos of the cards I made for my classes... Below is the most popular one that I CASED and changed a little from someone else's blog (don't remember her name no watermark on photo).

Oh! yes... and one last update.....I'm pregnant with baby#2 - just 3mths ;) I can't wait..... Eryn will be a big sister soon!!! I know she'll do a wonderful job!

Take care and I promise to get back to blogging!!
Hmmm....I only posted 42 times in 2010 and 60 in 2009 I have to beat that! hehehe..