Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ok... so maybe I wasn't back..

So... as usual life took over at the end of last year... I was working on "me"... I know this may seem weird to some people but I have trouble in putting myself first. After some good therapy! ;} I finally starting asking myself why I do the things I do.. I've been a people pleaser since I can remember. So... with my changes with me... I managed to upset/disappoint a few people in my life. I suppose gaining a backbone means I have to test it right? October, November and December was pretty tough for me...plus a little liberating for not being such a walk over. Thankfully I have a great hubby who supports me in finding the real me. Don't get me wrong...I wavered..but in the end I know I need to start putting myself first.

Anyway... enough about that mushy stuff ;} What else have I been upto? Well...after my Christmas card making classes in December I packed up all my stamps so I can spend a little time on my #1 passion - scrapbooking! So far I've managed to whip together 3-4pages :) I'm extremely happy. I might post 1or2 on this blog sometime this week. I design my pages around the photos so I don't always use all SU! stuff. Before I started SU! I had a extensive collection of stickers/papers so I'm slowly using some of that on my daughters album. Can't wait to post some more photos of the cards I made for my classes... Below is the most popular one that I CASED and changed a little from someone else's blog (don't remember her name no watermark on photo).

Oh! yes... and one last update.....I'm pregnant with baby#2 - just 3mths ;) I can't wait..... Eryn will be a big sister soon!!! I know she'll do a wonderful job!

Take care and I promise to get back to blogging!!
Hmmm....I only posted 42 times in 2010 and 60 in 2009 I have to beat that! hehehe..