Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sassy Card for someone special..

I made this card in early June after a co-worker of mine lost her teen sister.... it was so sad...and quite sudden. I don't deal with death very well seems I'm quite an emotional gal...but I have had a few people close to me pass away and the one thing I've learnt is that know matter what the age or how they passed away... you should always celebrate their life. When I first moved to Canada 14yrs ago I had to fly back to Ireland to my grandad's funeral/wake... it was a sad day...but after the burial we all went to the pub and cracked jokes & told stories. Afterwards I thought this was a wonderful way to help with the healing process.....definitely the way I want people to remember me. Hopefully my scrapbooks are also a few ways to remember me ;} I've done a few ;P

OK... back to the card. This is my favourite pink - Melon Mambo

All of the products are SU! except for the zebra paper which I picked up at the big box store.

Can you see I 'rock & rolled' the ink on the flower to get the edgy huh!

Ok... off to place my SU! Christmas mini order... I've spent the last few days umm-ing & ahhh-ing and not hitting the submit button. Tonight is the night!!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something new....

Sorry I've been missing in action for a while.... but with the tail end of the pregnancy near and a week in the hospital I can officially say i'm back ;} and I have a new addition to my world. Another guy who makes my heart melt....

This is my little guy Owen... only 6 days old in this photo... chilling beside the pool at his nanny's house while celebrating my 35th birthday. I don't think he will remember it... but I know I will. All I wanted for my birthday was my family around me... my wish came true!!! Big sister Eryn is loving her new brother...she's proud as punch in this photo.

So... I've been busy with my little munchkins these last 2 weeks... but hoping I can start crafting again soon especially since my carpel tunnel has now gone :)

Oh! but I do have a card I created a while back for a friend to post so I'll post that by the weekend. Anyway... gotta run and try and put in my pre-SU! Christmas order in so I have something to play with next week ;} it's going to be hard sticking to a budget.