Monday, September 14, 2009

Time flys when your having fun!

So last week I mentioned on FB & on my blog that I had my 1st Stampin Up! Open House on last Thursday... I was very nervous to host one seems I'm terrible/awkward with the sales part. Plus I always seem to question whether my friends would like my cards I was going to get them to make, seems everyone has there own personal style....even with card-making.
I like simple & sparkly....but some people like loads of layers or lots of different patterns... it is truly a personal thing. Anyway... I've been busy the last few weeks 'cramming', to get as many cards done as possible. Finally the day came & fast! I was feeling excitement & a little nervous all at the same time. I wasn't as organised as I normally am... my little gal has been having some teething problems lately so the days that I would normally prepped.. I couldn't :{. Aww!! Thankfully I had my crafty friend Melissa G offer her services... which came in very handy on the night. She helped with the prep & even helped people with any questions!! What a gal! Thanks Melissa!!! I think the evening was a success... everyone made & took home 4 cards (2 birthday & 2 christmas)... And from the sounds of it.. everyone had a good time. If your worried about being pressured into the sales side of things... don't! I have friends who can testify that is soooo not me. I truly took this up seems I needed an outlet & reason to get my friends to craft with me. This is sooo it! I'm hoping to get small groups of friends together to craft once a month... just to get out of the house. So.. if you want to craft... contact me & we'll arrange something. Even if it's just you & me...perfect!!!

Below is some of the samples that I had posted around the house...

Cute butterfly box - made using the Big Shot!

Season of Joy Christmas Card with lots of sparkles..

Tri-Fold Card - very simple to make

Cupcake Card - with pretty pink sparkly icing

These were only a few I made last week....I promise more to come. I've just gotta space things out seems I have to work on a shoebox swap for next week plus a Christmas Swap. So I'll be busy churning them out to post anything new...

If your interested in booking a little SU! card making party let me know... it's always a fun night in with friends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Guest Blogger!

I've got so many things to post this week, I've been busy the last few days getting creative for my Open House next week. I'm a little nervous seems I've never done a Open House before infact I haven't done anything to promote SU! stuff since I signed up in Feb09. Hmm...I suppose you could call my blog an active sales forum... but I just set it up so I could spam my friends across the globe my crafty creations :). The only sales I've made are from 3 people who love the product just as much as I do :)

So.. this leads me onto my guest blogger.... My friend Jen & I got together last week & decided to make a few cards in prep for my open house... Jen just sent me this photos of her finished product. It's cool to see how she finished them...seems mine has a 'tad' more glitter applied ;} Jen's all about the paper & the pretty... whereas' I need glitter, jewels & ribbons :} to make it pretty ;}

Check them out..!!

Thanks Jen!! See you next week ;]