Monday, September 14, 2009

Time flys when your having fun!

So last week I mentioned on FB & on my blog that I had my 1st Stampin Up! Open House on last Thursday... I was very nervous to host one seems I'm terrible/awkward with the sales part. Plus I always seem to question whether my friends would like my cards I was going to get them to make, seems everyone has there own personal style....even with card-making.
I like simple & sparkly....but some people like loads of layers or lots of different patterns... it is truly a personal thing. Anyway... I've been busy the last few weeks 'cramming', to get as many cards done as possible. Finally the day came & fast! I was feeling excitement & a little nervous all at the same time. I wasn't as organised as I normally am... my little gal has been having some teething problems lately so the days that I would normally prepped.. I couldn't :{. Aww!! Thankfully I had my crafty friend Melissa G offer her services... which came in very handy on the night. She helped with the prep & even helped people with any questions!! What a gal! Thanks Melissa!!! I think the evening was a success... everyone made & took home 4 cards (2 birthday & 2 christmas)... And from the sounds of it.. everyone had a good time. If your worried about being pressured into the sales side of things... don't! I have friends who can testify that is soooo not me. I truly took this up seems I needed an outlet & reason to get my friends to craft with me. This is sooo it! I'm hoping to get small groups of friends together to craft once a month... just to get out of the house. So.. if you want to craft... contact me & we'll arrange something. Even if it's just you & me...perfect!!!

Below is some of the samples that I had posted around the house...

Cute butterfly box - made using the Big Shot!

Season of Joy Christmas Card with lots of sparkles..

Tri-Fold Card - very simple to make

Cupcake Card - with pretty pink sparkly icing

These were only a few I made last week....I promise more to come. I've just gotta space things out seems I have to work on a shoebox swap for next week plus a Christmas Swap. So I'll be busy churning them out to post anything new...

If your interested in booking a little SU! card making party let me know... it's always a fun night in with friends.

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  1. Fantastic Sue! Well done on your successful open house. I've got my first one at the end of October. Your cards are fab too. Fingers crossed everyone comes back for more crafty fun.