Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Christmas Crafts!

Wow!! what a crazy few weeks I've had.... I've been really busy prepping for a 2-day craft fair I did yesterday & I've done 2 classes. I have one final class tomorrow night for 7 people... so I've got to get my head down tonight and finish the prep. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow seems it's where I get the stamping and the glitter out!!!! Check out my display of some of the cards I've done over the last few weeks. After tomorrow night I will be sending them out to family & friends... I've got a few more photos to post... but for now I'll keep you guessing.

Here's a quick pic of one of my Christmas trees...

Just on a holiday giving note... my friend Jo-Ann challenged people to make a get well soon card for this little girl in the US who has brain cancer. I don't know what it is... maybe it's because I'm a mum now... but I teared up right away. So.. I challenge make a card and send it to this little girl called Kate! Besides... don't you just love opening mail that is not a bill ;P

I'll post my card soon....