Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Fav Swap card from this weekend!

So.. as mentioned in my other post I attended a SU! event last weekend...and I managed to partipate in 2 swaps... The first one was a card swap and the other a 12x12 scrapbook page swap. Below is my Fav Card swap of the day!! Made by my close friend/sister Jo-Ann... isn't it wonderful... she's such a gem!

Isn't it cute!!!! now I want this stamp set... dammit!!!

Here's a silly photo of Jo-Ann, Lisa & myself on the way home...slurping back on a nice big ice cream!!! Yummy!! I can honestly say the company was the best, we giggled alot!! and I think we will be 'roadtrip mates' for a longtime to come. When's the next trip?

Anyway.. gotta go... very tired... this single parent thing for the week whilst working fulltime is hard!!!! My hat off to you lovely ladies in the world who do this fulltime.


Monday, June 28, 2010

I wish, I wish...

I wish.. I wish I had more time to craft these days.... I went back to work fulltime over 2 weeks ago (since my last post) and I have been sooo exhausted after work seems I'm trying to get myself, hubby & little Eryn off to daycare in the mornings..work, work...then pick up everyone... home for dinner.. babe goes to bed.. then phew! Tired!!! Plus last week I was prepping to attend a stamping retreat over at Kim's house. Wow!oh! Wow! I had a blast at the all day event....learning 24 new techniques.. maybe I'll try a few out with you. I decided to enter for 2 swaps.... a 12x12 page swap and a card swap. My 12x12 page was easy seems I made the 'Summer fun' page below.... everyone seemed really happy to receive it. I then joined a card swap...but silly me left the design and making till the last night....and guess what happened?? My heat emboss gun died on me :{ half way thru my cards... this was BAD!!! seems my entire card was mainly embossing. Argghhh!!! anyway... I'm a trooper.. I managed to prep everything...and during my lunch break I decided to borrow a gun and finish them off. Thankfully I had a little bunch of elves at the end helping me (Thanks Jo-Ann, Cate & Lisa)...Phew! again... done... and again... everyone seem to ohhh! over my design.. yeah!!!

I suppose this could be a wedding invite eh? very swish!!

Anyway.. just thought I'd show you some photos over the next day or so of the swaps and ideas I picked up at the event.

Hope all is well with you!!!

PS: The new SU! catty goes LIVE on Canada Day - July 1st... contact me if you want a catty. I will be hosting a card party in September.. so watch this space!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Power of pretty paper....

I had a friend who attended my scrapbook event yesterday afternoon that couldn't really see herself using the tropical party papers and flowers. So... I told her to attend anyway and I would switch out the paper to something else. Well...after some digging thru my retired paper stock on the weekend i found one of my favourite paper packs...Parisan Breeze. Check out what we did below...it was the same sketch/page map...just different papers. WOW!! Love it..!!... that's what i call the power of pretty paper!!

Some people are paper addicts... I love paper... but my biggest weakness is stickers ;} I'll have to take a photo of my bulging Crop In Style Binders full!!!! You'll laugh... it's a sad, sad addiction... is there any other sticker addicts out there reading my blog! LMK!..I'd like to know I'm not alone.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Chance...Tropical Party Scrapbook Pages!

So.. seems my scrapbooking party is this weekend... I figured I would give you full access to my Tropical Party pages we'll be doing. I was hoping on a full house but I've had a few last minute cancellations :{... so... if your interested...and need some time to yourself... email me and I can sign you up pronto! All you need to bring is some adhesive...and I'll help you with the rest.

Here's what you'll be creating... You'll get to use the fabulous Big Shot! You'll stamp and add a little bling to your pages.

oh! I just love this colour combo at the moment... plus...seems it's summer I can add more glitter ;}

So... what have I been doing this last week or two... I've been getting myself ready to join the big wide world of working again. Since having my little gal I've been off work... with a 1yr maternity leave..then I got laid off when I returned which was perfect at the time. Then... recently I've been looking for work again seems I think I need the daily adult/social interaction.... lucky for me my old company needed someone to replace for a year maternity...and I was the best option ;} It works out for me seems I get to see if I really did miss work... or just thought the grass was always greener. Anyway... my erratic blogging may get worst before it gets better...seems I start next week. Wish me luck!!

Oh! and BTW... my lovely hubby fixed my camera ;{ doh! so I'm not sure I'm upgrading yet. We'll see....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty in Pink!!

I spent most of last night creating my mum's birthday card for today. I'm really happy with the end result.... sadly I couldn't come up with my own creation seems I think I either have allergies or a cold coming on :{ I think it's a cold... but with the Canadian weather and our blow-air heating/cooling system I may have developed allergies. I miss having a radiators in the room. That's the only downside to living in Canada... forced air ..... I find everyone I know has allergies now... it's got to be all this air being re-circulated (kinda like a plane environment).

Anyway... back to my card...I CASED it from my favourite SU! Online lady Mary Fish... I did change it a little with adding a little bling instead of a corduroy button. What do you think? Pretty eh?

My mum called me a cheeky bugger for putting her age on the card...I thought it was very sleek! and sparkly! Plus I think she should be proud of her age seems she has 2 children in their 30's...plus 3 Grandkids..not bad for a 55 year young mum eh? I love having a young mum ;}

Anyhow... hopefully I'll show off my scrapbook pages soon... seems I've done alot. Oh! BTW... Did I tell you I don't have a proper camera at the moment.... :{ my Sony Cybershot officially died last week while I was attending a baby shower :{ RIP Sony!...

Hehehe...Now I get to cruise the web for my next toy!!!! Any recommendations??? watch this space!!!!!!