Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty in Pink!!

I spent most of last night creating my mum's birthday card for today. I'm really happy with the end result.... sadly I couldn't come up with my own creation seems I think I either have allergies or a cold coming on :{ I think it's a cold... but with the Canadian weather and our blow-air heating/cooling system I may have developed allergies. I miss having a radiators in the room. That's the only downside to living in Canada... forced air ..... I find everyone I know has allergies now... it's got to be all this air being re-circulated (kinda like a plane environment).

Anyway... back to my card...I CASED it from my favourite SU! Online lady Mary Fish... I did change it a little with adding a little bling instead of a corduroy button. What do you think? Pretty eh?

My mum called me a cheeky bugger for putting her age on the card...I thought it was very sleek! and sparkly! Plus I think she should be proud of her age seems she has 2 children in their 30' 3 Grandkids..not bad for a 55 year young mum eh? I love having a young mum ;}

Anyhow... hopefully I'll show off my scrapbook pages soon... seems I've done alot. Oh! BTW... Did I tell you I don't have a proper camera at the moment.... :{ my Sony Cybershot officially died last week while I was attending a baby shower :{ RIP Sony!...

Hehehe...Now I get to cruise the web for my next toy!!!! Any recommendations??? watch this space!!!!!!

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