Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Chance...Tropical Party Scrapbook Pages!

So.. seems my scrapbooking party is this weekend... I figured I would give you full access to my Tropical Party pages we'll be doing. I was hoping on a full house but I've had a few last minute cancellations :{... so... if your interested...and need some time to yourself... email me and I can sign you up pronto! All you need to bring is some adhesive...and I'll help you with the rest.

Here's what you'll be creating... You'll get to use the fabulous Big Shot! You'll stamp and add a little bling to your pages.

oh! I just love this colour combo at the moment... plus...seems it's summer I can add more glitter ;}

So... what have I been doing this last week or two... I've been getting myself ready to join the big wide world of working again. Since having my little gal I've been off work... with a 1yr maternity leave..then I got laid off when I returned which was perfect at the time. Then... recently I've been looking for work again seems I think I need the daily adult/social interaction.... lucky for me my old company needed someone to replace for a year maternity...and I was the best option ;} It works out for me seems I get to see if I really did miss work... or just thought the grass was always greener. Anyway... my erratic blogging may get worst before it gets better...seems I start next week. Wish me luck!!

Oh! and BTW... my lovely hubby fixed my camera ;{ doh! so I'm not sure I'm upgrading yet. We'll see....


  1. Fabulous scrapbook pages Sue. Loving those colours - which one's are they?

    Good luck with the classes this week, I'm sure everyone will have a fantastic time!

  2. Hey Jo.. thanks!! it's the new tropical party papers in our new summer mini. I think the CA & UK cattys are different seems I love that flower stamp you used last week on your scrapbooks. Are you UK gals on Stampin Connections? it's SU! facebook/gallery...LMK!!