Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was planning to post/create something this week... but I've been feeling a little Ho-Hum for the last couple of days. I think it's related to the cold weather... the lack of social events and my long search for a job. On the job front I did get a 'bite' from the Government... but it was sadly snatched away this morning when I realised I needed to go for Second Language testing - I had to decline. Looks like I might have to go back to school to do a little French.. just enough to get past the exam. Urgh! I hate exams/tests.... they always make me feel like I'm not smart/good enough :{ I know, I know.. mind over matter.

Anyway.... I promise to post something by next Monday... seems I have been working on my daughters scrapbook album..I just haven't had time to take any photos. Crazy I know.!! I must be bummed out eh?.

Sorry to sound bummed!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A little bit of sparkle..

Just a quickie post. As I mentioned in my previous post... I've started working on my 2yr olds baby album. I wanted the opening page to display my daughter's full name seems we took some time deciding on it... (btw..I blurred out her surname just incase some weirdo wants to steal her name or something ;})...

How did I do it? Well...I inked some clear versamark ink over the SU! chipboard letters, I then sprinkled some heat 'n' stick powder over each letter... and then I used the heat emboss gun over them until they turned a little darker. I then quickly sprinkled some glitter (Old Olive, Pink & Dazzling Diamonds) over them and then tapped off the excess and then re-heated them until you see the glitter firm up. This was a messy job ;} so make sure you have wet wipes on hand seems the glitter can get everywhere!!! trust me!..I had glitter on me for days...


Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a month!!!

So... I've been a slacker the last month on my blog... partly because I was busy with card classes and Christmas planning a 2yr old party on Jan 2nd!! Yes... she's now 2!!! I was also trying to re-focus my energy on scrapbooking. You see... I love to craft... and I originally signed up to SU! because I loved their products and I love the discounts :)... but I thought becoming a demo would help me scrapbook more. But.. I sadly got caught up in the excitement, meetings, forums, blogs...etc that I haven't actually touched my daughters baby album since I signed up Feb09 :{
So... I decided just before Christmas that I was going to re-focus my energy on scrapbooking. I love scrapbooks because there made by me for me.. and my other loves - family, photography & fun. It's been sooo nice diggin out all my scrapbook stuff. I must admit most of the stuff I use to scrapbook is not SU! because I brought alot of my supplies/papers/albums before I joined SU! so... I will try and show you sneak peaks of the album...but due to our new SU! agreement I can't tell you where I brought the items from. I must admit.. I have a loads of tools/papers/stickers etc so I probably wouldn't remember anyway. Especially my sticker albums...ekkkk!!!! Hello! My name is Susan and I am a stickeraholic and I've been this way since I was 8... hehehe... I'll have to take a photo of all my sticker albums and my organising tips for those too ;} Hmm... Did I tell you about the two whole nights I spent organising my stickers while my hubby was outta town...ahh!! bliss! Boy, oh boy!.. I had fun. My hubby thinks it's funny seems I've very hostile & frugal about using my stickers on cards or pages. It's normally the last thing I commit to on a page. I'm seeing a therapist for it!!! hehhe.. trust me..

Anyway... I'll try and post a few times a month...but for now.. here's what Santa (or should I say my mum) got me for Christmas. I think my little gal is just as happy as me ;}

Sadly this organisation shelf has to be painted dark brown seems it only comes in white and it'll stick out like a sore thumb in my family room. Once it's up I'll post new photos along with some organisation updates/finds.

Ciao for now!!