Wednesday, June 8, 2011

As promised...

As promised... here's a photo of the card I made for my mum's birthday last week. Infact it was a good thing I took a photo seems for some crazy reason my mum no longer has the card. It all started out mum decided to wear slippy sandals on her birthday... partly because it's sooo hot here in Ottawa right now... and partly seems we were meeting up after lunch for a quick afternoon spa/pedicure treatment. Anyway.... before the appt my mum managed to fall out of her Jeep straight to the floor and whacked her tailbone/hand and bit her tongue :( When I met my mum at the appt I couldn't believe she'd injured herself sooo badly on her Birthday. Anyway... to cut a long story short she read my card... and then put it on the spa chair. We managed to leave the hour later... by then my mum realised she'd left the card on the chair... we went back within 2hrs and the card and a pair of earrings inside were gone :( I'm really disappointed that no one was honest enough to hand in the card.... I'm more disappointed my mum didn't get to enjoy the card. Here's the card....

Check back within the week to see 2 other cards I created last night....I'm on a roll!!!! ;)

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