Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back from my Va-ca...or as the brits say.. holidays.

So... I'm back from my girls "Va-ca" in California. Wow! It was a blast....and it felt good to have some "me" time. I must say I'm a little pooped...seems I crammed alot of things to see & do while I was there...but also came down the cold my hubby & little gal had :( Thankfully I had good roomies (M&J) who smartly packed ear-plugs ;).... I swear!!! I normally don't snore... but because of my cold I sounded like a fog-horn!!! Urgh! yucky! my voice is still croaky...but the yuckiness/mess has now gone. Here's a photo of me in my wedding attire...feeling very chilled like a Californian.

Anyway... seems I'm back from the California wedding of my 2 friends Iggy & Roe... I can share with you the card I created for their wedding. It was themed on Roe's beautiful design of chocolate chip brown and crushed curry yellow (now retired). What do you think? The couple were very impressed when I told them I punched every little hole in the cardstock :)

Shiney & fluffy... thanks to Stampin Up's Crystal effects & paper fluff.

Here's a photo I took of the happy couple... I was told I knocked a few people out of the way to get it.... hehehe... Thanks J!

More to come tomorrow... my nieces card I made for her 1st birthday.!!! awww.!!


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