Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sharing my Swaps

Just a quickie seems I've got to hit the 'hay'...it's been a long day... both hubby & Eryn are sick :{ So I was the only one at work today. Thankfully my hubby prepped dinner so it was a easy night once I got home. Then I stayed up late to watch the Semi final world cup footie game... Incase I spoil it for some of you... I'll just say... the team I wanted to win... won! yeah!

Anyway... back to my quick post. Here's another photo or two of one of the swaps I rec'd a few weeks back. I never thought I'd like the new DSP paper but it's starting to grow on me. As you can probably tell.. I was drawn to the sparkle of the card. It was misted with the shimmer paint. I love love love this shimmer paint.....!!! You will now see it in the new catty.. Contact me for a copy of the new catty.

Swap made by Jacynthe Gauthier

Gotta go to bed now... Ciao!

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  1. I found you! :)
    Great blog! So happy to find another scrapper/card maker!! We should set up a crop soon ... :)