Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stampin Up! Royalty!

I'm still on cloud nine.... I spent a wonderful evening at Stampin Up! event that one of demos had won in a recent SU! recruiting challenge. The prize was to have a Workshop of a Lifetime! the guest of honor was the co- founder & CEO of Stampin Up! Shelli ;} WOW!!! WOW! Kim won the challenge and I can see why.... At my first ever SU! demo event she offered me soooo much advice and had this air of warmth around her.... it's weird.. but I felt like I'm known her for years. Anyway... to keep this post quick... and to curb my excitement... I just had to show off my photo I managed to sneak in at the event tonight.

Yeap! that's me.... next to Shelli & her daughter Sara. Wow!! and guess what... I even had the courage to ask a question in the Q&A to Shelli. Shelli loved my question!!!! My question was " What Stamp/Set was the biggest surprise success?" Oh!!! I thought maybe the Medallion... but Shelli said she knew that was going to be a hit. What was her answer I hear you all asking me? Hmmm.... well..... She replied that the 'Dasher' stamp was the biggest surprise & hit with everyone.

Also... here's Kim! Isn't she friendly looking... and her family were gorgeous too!! What a awesome night we never ceases to amaze me what a good family SU! is... It's the best compliment a company can have ;} I suppose that's why they came up with the saying "Love what you do" at convention. Hmm.. I wish I could go to convention this year... I jut found out it's the weekend of my birthday. Wouldn't that be a great gift ;] ;} hint hint!

And finally... here's my bessie Stampin Up! Demo Mate :} Jo-Ann or I sometimes like to think of her as my older sister...if I had one ;P

The one thing I love about SU! is I've made a bunch of friends...and I love crafting with them.
More photos of the event to come... just couldn't wait to post this!!!


  1. Wowzers Sue, how fantastic!! I'm soooooo jealous!

    J x

  2. OMG! Awesome pics!

    You are on the ball with the blog updates! Don't you sleep? :)

  3. I wish the pics of me with Shelli looked as good as yours! You look so cute! :)

    I can't believe you got this up last night...I haven't even had a chance to get the pics of my memory stick!!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm a night owl ;} and as I said in my blog entry... I was way tooo excited!!! What a fun night! It was like meeting a movie star....and with all my stampin mates around it was a perfect evening. I'll post more pic's tonight!

    Hey Jo! I'm glad a fellow brit is watching....