Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organisation Cubes...

So... a while ago I was asked by another SU! Demo lady "Marie" if I minded my craft cube configuration photos could be posted on a Crafty Storage Blog. Of course I didn't mind :) ....my hubby always says I spend more time organising my crafts than actually doing crafts. I laugh it off... but really I know he's right on the money.

Here's my original post and here's a photo of my crafty storage space!

So.. I decided to take some more close ups of my set-up... just incase you were curious... plus I've found that since my photos appeared on the Crafty storage blog I've had lots of traffic from all over the world :P so why not add some more.

These red storage bins can be found at the large build it yourself Swedish store :} as you can see I can easily store my stamp sets in them. I only have one red box full...and as soon as it gets full I sell some of the stamps so I don't go crazy :} I also keep all of my stamp pads/inks in another red box... you can even use it to hang 12x12 file folders, I use mine on my desktop to hold all my 12x12 cardstock & DSP.

This cube space has a few of those magazine holders in them.... I keep all my Stampin Success Demo magazines in them and any tutorials I've found on the web and want to try out... trust me... there's loads.

These boxes can also be found at the Swedish store... and thankfully it comes in my fav colour - RED! As you can see I have all my ribbon in the brown box..and an adhesives, envelopes, blades & glitter in the other boxes. It's such an easy way to retrieve the items you need fast especially if your holding a craft/stamping party or stamping alone.

That's it for now... I'll post a few cards during the week...seems I have made a few...and I still have a few more to make this weekend. Happy Crafting!!!!

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