Sunday, April 5, 2009

Organisation Crazy...

hello there,

So.. one of the first things I wanted to share with you was how I got my SU! stuff organised seems it can be overwhelming at times to keep the stuff looking neat..but also handy ;}  So recently I made a trip to my favourite home store Ikea!!!    I managed to pick up quite a lot of pretty hubby was being very supportive that day.  I think it could be because he wants our basement to look "normal" again.   heheheh...

Anyways... here's my final product.  I wish I'd taken a before picture....because you would see the transformation.  Lovely isn't it.  I love just sitting in my spot... tidying up my stuff and thinking to myself what else I can label.... hehehe...   You maybe asking why the desk is facing against the back of our couch... well.. I'm sure most of you will sympathise I need to watch some tv... for inspiration.   Anyway... everything in the photo is from Ikea.. all the storage boxes...and red crates.  I did want some Ikea built in drawers but they only came in white which didn't go with my basement decor of red & dark brown.   

Sorry for not posting the other night... I had a friend who needed some advice at 11.45pm so she came before my blog posting.  I don't mind....seems I don't think anyone is reading my blogs yet ;}  is anyone out there listening to me??????   Helllo!!!!



  1. Oh no! Now I have Craft Room Envy!! I love what you've done and the Ikea shelving unit and the RED boxes!! Now I am gonna have to chuck my dinning room hutch and replace it with cubes!!

    Wonderful Job of organizing - bookmarking blog now!


  2. I love your colour combination and craft area Sue! Thanks for sharing!
    But I have to ask - does it always look this neat?

  3. Wow.. Thanks ladies...I'm sad to say that most of the time my area does look this neat seems it's our family room. I suppose that's what happens when you live in a small townhome. But my desk isn't normally clean seems I always have something on the go! hubby often jokes that I love to organise more than craft.... boy!! he doesn't know the half of it ;}

    Thanks again Marie for your blogs posts.. I love to read them!! Oh! and I also brought one of those MM tool carousals now...LOVE IT!

  4. I have a white Expedit and love it. Your brown & red combo is so sophisticated & rich looking. Very nice!

  5. Love the colors and it's so clean! Just beautiful.

  6. I love the brown and red. I love it even more because it's not the "traditional" storage color [white] you see in a craft room. Fab job!

  7. I love your studio. Love the Ikea stuf. Great to see that you used those colors.

  8. Looks awesome. I love you you put your paper in that red box. Great idea

  9. I would love to know what sleeves you used in the red box to sort the papers

  10. I second what Christie - Childhood 101 asked. I'd add, does it fit 12x12 papers????

    Wonderful space!