Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak Peak! Valentines Day Card for my Hubby

So last night I sat down for the first time in a few weeks and decided to craft... actually... that's a little lie... I made a card last week for my friend Nicol on the fly!!... but I forgot to take a picture of it. If I'm lucky... I may be able to ask her to pull it outta the bin and take a photo of it. Only kidding?!@?. I'm sure she has it framed on her wall by now. So..back to last night.. I decided seems the hubby & I are going out on Friday for an early Valentine's day dinner... I would try and make my card for him in advance. Here's a sneak peak of the card.. I'll publish the final look tomorrow/Friday because I think my hubby has my blog on his google he might see it before I get to give it to him.

I used a PPA17 sketch seems lately my card designs are all starting to look the same ;} It's an old sketch but one I haven't tried before.


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