Friday, August 28, 2009

Decor Elements - I Just Love Them!!!

Wow! I have been so busy these last few days it's unbelievable. My hubby left for 4 days on business so my hands & schedule have been full. Recently I find there is not enough hours in the day for me to do all the FUN things I want to do :}... the last 2 nights I have not gone to bed before 2.30!! crazy - especially when I have to get up in the morning ;{ urgh!!
Anyway... a few weeks back I embarked on a mission... a mission to use Stampin Up's new Decor Elements for Eryn's room. I had never been 100% happy with Eryn's room seems I dreamed of white paneling around the room, chair rail & a neutral colour on the walls...and maybe put some polka dots on the wall. In the end I was pregnant so I couldn't do alot of the jobs myself so my poor hubby wanted to keep it simple. So.. we painted it Artichoke green and to finish it off I asked my dad to paint some 'whimsical' frogs & dragonflies on the one wall.

So... a few months back I decided I was going to re-do Eryn's room.... I wanted it to have a little bit of 'girlie touch'...and I just fell in love with the simple spots decals in the catty. So... a couple of weeks ago I taped, painted & cleaned her room.. then I started on applying the decals. The instructions say you should plan where your putting the I as you can see... I did.

Then I started... I was so excited after applying my first one... I couldn't stop. Anyway.. I'm really satisfied with the final outcome. The photos aren't the best... but I was prompted by my friend J to get my bum in gear & post it to my blog. She knows I always over think things.. I want everything to be perfect..Ack! this room is perfect now. I smile every time I walk in her room.

I know, I know... this is very chic & not kiddy-like...but I figured Eryn can choose her own next time.. plus these decals are really easy to take off when she decides what she likes.... she'll have tons of choices. If your interested in seeing the catty.. check out the link on my blog..or contact me for a catty.


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