Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great way to organise...

Hi fellow stampers/demos,
I found this website while cruising my favourite ladies site (Mary Fish)....and thought it was a great thing to share...Cardstock Colour Swatch This is a great way to check which cardstock works well with others quickly... looks like my new printer I got for my birthday will be busy tonight ;}

Ok... I'm going to go now & get creative....it's been sooo long....plus I have a B-day card to do for Thursday... watch this space soon!!!!


PS: Thanks Jo for the comment below... your one of my first people to comment... it made my day ;} plus... your british


  1. You'll think I'm stalking you now Sue! lol Thanks for the pointer to Mary Fish. I've downloaded the swatch templates....if only my printer had some ink now! It's a great idea and something my Stampers 8 ladies will appreciate too.

    Take care

    Jo :)

  2. No problem Jo :} not a stalker... just a fellow card-making brit... love it! Stampers 8... I've got to get my act together & form clubs. I'm just nervous...