Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hey there,

So... I've been a little busy actually creating some stuff. I've decided that I work well/better when I have a deadline to meet. Otherwise I just slack off ;} Anyway... with Mothers Day & a WOW swap that I have offered to participate in...I've been busy creating creations. I haven't finalised on what I'm doing for the WOW swap yet....but I'm "playing" at the moment.

Here's a purse design that I found on the web.. I think it was from Scorepal's website... I don't have a scorepal... but I'm seriously considering it. I'm sure it would make these projects easier.

The second picture is my mothers days card for my mum.... Hopefully she likes it..

And lastly this photo is the page I completed at last weekends crop for the cure event. This layout was created by Linda.W. who has become a new found friend :}


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