Saturday, April 17, 2010

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Scrapbook Page...

Last summer I volunteered to help out a fellow SU! demo lady Tash for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. I had only been a demo for 4 months and was super keen to meet other demos and pretty much 'play' with all of the pretty stuff SU ! has to offer. As most of you know scrapbooking & photography is my #1 passion.. So.. I eagerly signed myself up to do a mini class for anyone interested in doing a scrapbook page or two. Well... the thing I didn't realise is that I'm a great scrapbooker at heart... but I don't think with my head ;} I was reminded of this after my first class at this local fundraiser by a lovely demo called Linda. Ah Linda!!... if you could meet her you would fall in love with her straight away. I remember meeting her for the first time at this event... only because she stumbled in late (just like me) to the event, laughing and chatting away with her friend Cynthia. Anyway..long story short she ended up sitting at my table and we chatted and giggled about how much cr*p you can bring to a scrapbook event, how small the table spaces were, etc, etc. Once we were all unpacked we posted our projects on a board for people to sign up to attend your class. My class was pretty popular... I had 6 people attend which was fabulous! But I was extremely nervous seems it was my first class.... but the lovely Linda put me at ease and kept praising my work and she couldn't believe I had managed to do all the cropping/work under budget. Budget? what budget I ask? At this point Linda asked if I had ordered all the supplies from the bulk list..otherwise I would of had to purchase a few of the scrapbooking kits to create these wonderful pages! Hmm.. at that point I just whistled and murmured something under my breath...about making it look "pretty". 'Oh! Sue' said Linda... were going to have to teach you some tricks of the trade my girl. That my folks... was my first lesson. Always try and use the bulk list items.. it saves on budget everytime. I say that now because I have lots of leftovers from the scrapbooking kits I used to make the pages and I didn't make any money from the class :{. Ahwell!! you learn something new everyday eh? Besides..the best thing that came from that event was meeting Linda...she will forever be my SU! Mum... she has such a lovely spirit.... all mumsy & warm. Thanks Linda... I bet you didn't realise what an impact you had on little ole me eh?

So.. here's a photo of my final page made using the Simply Scrapping Kit 'Best Ever'... it's now retired but I figured it was worth a post. Plus alot of the colours used on the page will be coming back in July (Baja Breeze, Riding Hood Red) Yeah!!!. The photos I used was from Eryn's 1st birthday party... wow! so much had changed in the past year.

Oh! and this is a photo Linda took of Cynthia & I while standing on a chair looking down at us so we wouldn't have double chins ;} how thoughtful. Bless her!

This scrapbook page was a great surprise.. I attended a class held by another demo and I created this beautiful page... and I was very lucky to have a photo that suited the theme & colours. Seems I'm all about matching photos with colours/themes/papers.

Oh! and just incase your interested.. Tash is doing the 60km walk again this year along with my friend Miranda. Once again Tash is doing the all day scrapbook event on May 1st... and I will going along. Infact I'm prepping for it now...if your interested on going contact me or Tash for a space/details. It's all for a good cause. Saving our TaTa's.



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  2. Sue, hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me your feedback on my new look with MDS. So, after I read your post last night I was thinking...if you'd like...I'd be happy to give it a try! Email me so we can chat!

    Stampin' Hugs and Wishes!
    Christine Wells

    Ps: my previous post I deleted 'cause I had a typo that was driving me crazy!!!