Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So many fun designs... so little time to make them :{

That is truely how I feel... I see so many cards designs I like...but I never seem to have the time to make them. Where is my stamping time going too? I always thought I would be able to stamp while the babe was in bed for her naps... but that hasn't worked out ;} I spend more time surfing the www to see what everyone is doing. Anyway.. this week my plan is to put together some stamping classes, so that my friends can sign up and come and hang out and make a few cards. Who's in?

Oh! and here's a sneak peak of a card I have made for a friend who's due any week now. Infact.. if you'd have seen her back in July you would of thought she had only a month to go back then ;} She's one of those lucky gals who is very slender and 'popped' as soon as she was pregnant. Anyway... this weekend I'm heading down to Kingston to hang out with her and get our feet pampered. I remember when I was pregnant... I loved getting my feet massaged!!!! It'll be just in time for footie/soccer season. Hopefully my friend doesn't see this on FB... I doubt it... seems she's not on FB very often ;}

Did you notice that I decorated the envelope aswell.... pretty eh?


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